Found Some Good MiniBlogs Check out: Saturday, Jan 15 2011 


Just found this new local search blog Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

New Painting Site Thursday, Jan 6 2011 

Pretty exited about my new site:

Jabberwocky invades Sunday, Dec 5 2010 

Everyone in the Missoula area needs to check out It's a local fake news site/

Spray Foam Insulation in Kansas City Saturday, Dec 4 2010 is a new website that promotes AES. Alternative Energy systems. Spray foam insulation and air barrier material is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort. As a complete insulation and air barrier, Icynene minimizes air leakage in the building structure, which allows for HVAC equipment rightsizing. This saves dramatically on initial equipment costs and ongoing utility costs – Icynene can save up to 50% every month in energy costs versus traditional energy options.

When taking into consideration all other costs associated with creating an airtight thermal envelope, it becomes obvious why Icynene is the preferred insulation that guarantees increased energy efficiency. With Icynene's exclusive 31-Day Payback Formula, we can help you calculate the cost of Icynene® versus traditional insulation options. This formula takes into account all of the variables that impact the efficiency of insulation, so a more accurate comparison can be made.

Building New Templates Today Friday, Nov 12 2010 

Working on 3 simple templates for the $247 price point.

Fiverr Monday, Nov 1 2010 

I am experimenting with some outsourcing on

New Plan Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

My plan is to focus most of my energy on new projects for Missoula Green so I can stop using ValPak and start relying on online, referrals and repeat. And I will also develop products for other cleaners.

Google Emphasizes Local Search Results with New Place Search Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

google_place_search_map_logo.jpgGoogle is putting a strong emphasis on local search lately and today, the company is launching Place Search, which will give you a more comprehensive view of local search results whenever Google’s algorithms detect that you are performing a search for local information. A new “Places” link in the sidebar will also make this feature available when Google doesn’t automatically display the new results page. Google is rolling Place Search out globally now, though it will take a few days before it is available everywhere.

Untitled Sunday, Oct 24 2010 has now bumped up to page one. Yippee!

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Prevention Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

As some carpet cleaning products use carbon dioxide along with other chemicals in the cleaning agents, thus put off cleaned furniture and having rugs until the baby is at least six months old.

The End Might Be Near Friday, Oct 22 2010 

It told one of my CCW customers that we might need to part ways. Too much miss-communication. Can't seem to please this guy and if it's over it will be a hug relief. He hasn't responded to my email yet.

New Missoula Housing Website Friday, Oct 22 2010 

Check out This is my new website. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks.

Reset NES classic style Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

Remember playing Nintendo when you were in 5th grade. Those games were so stressful and they always fucked up, but all you had to do was press that spring load button. I feel the same way with all the Internet Marketing BS. I am just trying to take on too much too fast. RESET – Now I re-focus on my clients sites. Getting them SEOed onsite using Power Suite. That's it. Then move onto become a PPC expert, email newsletter blaster, Craigslist poster, Friendly Neighbor Blaster etc.

Google Places and UBL Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

I just registered Missoula Green Carpet Cleaning with UBL, they will supposedly send my profile to 100s of local online directories. In theory these will count as citations for Google Places. Let's see what happens.

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