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Lines around the edges of walls and under doors are called filtration soiling. They occur when your home HVAC system forces air into the room. To equalize the pressure, air flows underneath doors and walls. The carpet in this area will then act like a filter, trapping vary fine particles of dust and soot which lodges deep into the fiber. The result is dark and unsightly lines. These lines are very common and most homes will eventually get them. Those with white and light carpet will see the lines first however. If you burn candles, you are also putting more soot into the air and will speed up the process of filtration soiling.

So now that you know what these lines are, you are probably wondering how you can correct them. That is the tricky part, because filtration soiling is very difficult to remove. You have two options. Your first option is to pay a carpet cleaner to come in and hand scrub the lines. This will result in a significant improvement but complete removal of the lines is usually not possible. It is also expensive because the process is time consuming. Your other option is to have the carpet re-stretched. By the time filtration soiling appears, your carpet is probably loose anyway. A carpet cleaner can stretch the carpet back out and cut off the affected areas from the carpet. This is the best solution as it will allow for complete removal of the lines.

As you can see, filtration soiling is not an easy thing to deal with. Because of this fact, prevention is probably the best answer to filtration soiling. The easiest way to exercise prevention is to put less soot into the air. Burn candles less frequently and make sure that if you have a gas heating system, it is working efficiently. Regular carpet cleaning does not hurt either. Good luck to you and your home.

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