Use these tips to help deal with road rage.

Everyone gets angry; it’s part of being human. Anger can not be eradicated, although it can be controlled.

Successful people find out how to influence their anger and convert it into a positive force.

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Opening emotional reactions generally can not be controlled. In the event that one thing is humorous you might catch yourself smiling as well as laughing spontaneously. If something is alarming we might shiver or draw back. If something is ‘bad’ or offensive we might tense up, our skin could possibly get red, we might curse or raise our voice. Each of these preliminary emotional reactions typically take a number of seconds, but after that first response our brains click in and we can choose the next act. That is when command of any emotional response can occur. Below I stated 3 initial actions for controlling anger.

1. Breathe- Following the primary initial reaction you have to have a break. Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a second or leave the room. Create a separation from the first angry reaction to the first rational reaction.

2. Take accountability- You may not be able to consistently control your primary response, but you will be responsible for it. Own up to your initial reaction. Focus on the reaction with phrases like, ‘I’m sorry I increased my voice’ or ‘you caught me off guard’.

3. Take into consideration the result- Reflect on what you need not what you sense. If you get your paycheck and see you’ve been underpaid you may feel like screaming at your boss, but you have to rectify the error, maintain your job and maintain a beneficial job relationship though you decide to change employment.

Utilize the three tips when you first get angry, then move on to working through the event.