Want to save money these days? First thing to do is reevaluate your car insurance policy

Get your current car insurance declarations page. This should motivate you to start shopping around. Comparing prices at renewal time is common and could save you money if another insurer can beat the rate you’re getting from your current insurance company.

Consider this; would you still shop around if your auto insurance rates decreased? You should, because if your auto insurer is lowering their insurance premiums, other insurers are likely doing the same and may be able to offer you an even lower rate.

Coverage Comparison

You want to make sure you are requesting the same coverage amounts and deductibles from each company in order to get an accurate comparison. There are many online sites that help you navigate the crowded waters of insurance buying.

Accuruate Quotes

One thing to consider when you compare car insurance rates is whether you’re being quoted for six months, or a year; a great deal can turn out to be unrealistic if you read the small print and realize that your quote is for shorter than the standard six month coverage period. How the payments are structured greatly effects your rates.

Price Shoppers

When you compare car insurance policies, you are undoubtedly going to come across some very cheap offers, but these aren’t always the best policies. In order to compare car insurance offers properly, you have to be able to assess what is truly of value to you. I recommend doing online searches for customer reviews or go to Yahoo Answers and see what others think.

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