3 Ways to Cut General Auto Insurance Rates

1 – Eliminate auto medical coverage. What about accidents that result in giant medical bills? Do you already have health insurance? If yes, then your health insurance provider will care of them. You don’t need to pay double. If for some reason you don’t currently have health insurance keep this coverage in place.

2 – Raise your comp and col deductibles. You will find your current deductibles on your general auto insurance policy’s declarations page. Don’t worry about getting in an accident and having to pay more, because the savings out weigh the extra couple hundred dollars in deductible payment. Easily you will save $250 to $500 per year by raising the deductibles. In the event of an accident every six years you might pay $250 more in deductibles, but your savings will be in the range of $1200 to $2500. Its all in the math.

3 – Don’t forget to ask for discounts! If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Insurance companies won’t come out and tell you what insurance discounts you qualify for except for ABS or alarm system. You need to tell them. Most people will qualify for discounts they didn’t even know existed. Do the research and see exactly what you qualify for.

Also, there is a new pay-as-you-go form of car insurance that will allow for even more savings. Progressive is the only company that is really pushing it right now. It is definitely worth checking into.

My other website Auto Insurance Montana has even more tips and information on how to lower insurance costs.

Now cut the rates and enjoy the savings!