Welcome to my little site. I want to provide consumers with some common sense advice on choosing a good auto insurance policy. This is my first post and I want to focus on my home town Missoula Montana.

Best Auto Insurance

At first you might think that liability car insurance is the most important aspect of insuring your car simply because it’s required in Montana. Of course there’s a good reason that this type of insurance is so crucial and that’s because liability insurance covers you against the legal responsibilities that you have in the event that its your fault in an automobile accident.

There are two aspects of liability that you’ll need to think about-bodily injury and personal damage liability. The policy is then divided into what are termed split limits and these cover the damages caused to individuals, to groups of people and finally to their property. Like many other similar requirements, each state has a different set of standards covering this branch of car insurance. Missoula car insurance has minimums that you should be aware 0f when getting estimates. When you review a breakdown of what this insurance actually provides, the average driver will quickly see that it’s in their best interest not to skimp on the amount of liability that they get